Standing room only at UMass Lowell

Pictured above with Linda is her oldest friend, Celine Cote Gettings (right), and Celine's family, left to right, Nicole Clay, Francine Clay and Marcel Cote. Thanks to Celine for this photo.

So many friends and family turned out for Linda Hervieux's talk at the River Hawk Shop at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Linda is a native of Lowell and her first job was for the local newspaper, The Sun, which featured FORGOTTEN on page 1. Read the story here

So many first cousins on the Hervieux side of the family. Here we are. Some of us, anyway. Thanks to second cousin Beth Pelton for this photo. 

Here's Linda with her 93-year-old mother, Rose. 

Together again! The old gang from the Lowell Sun when Linda worked there as a reporter in the early 90s. From left to right: Ken Beaulieu, Doug Pizzi, Kathleen Beaulieu, Marcia Peck Cassidy, Mike O'Connell, Melissa Franks and Christopher Scott. Thanks to Mike for this photo.