London launch party!

Linda with Orianna and Lionel at the FORGOTTEN launch party at Daunt Books Hampstead.

It was a full house at Daunt Books Hampstead for the UK launch party for FORGOTTEN! Friends, history buff and Daunt regulars turned out in numbers for a reading, question + answer, and tapas home-made by Linda's friends Dani and Max. It was a great night. Thanks to the fabulous team at Daunt for hosting, and everyone who came out! 

Linda with London photographer Suzanne Plunkett, a longtime friend. 

Linda's Paris friend Rupert Trusler, now a Londoner, added some panache to the party. 

Lovely Dannielle reached out to Linda after hearing about her book. She was in London visiting her daughter and grandchildren and with little time to spare, graciously made time to come to Daunt.